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Working That Taekwondo Technique

Some of the Taekwondo techniques and how they work:

1.Build-up technique.

This works in a circle of at least four. One person begins with any single Taekwondo technique, normally intended for at the person on the immediate left or right.

This technique travels around the circle, with each person accomplishing the move, until it returns to the originator of the move.

When that person repeats the move, the next person in the circle does the first technique and adds another to it. Now the two-move combination travels around the circle until it is added-to by the next person along.

This continues until the combination of moves becomes long enough to confuse the most senior belt in the group.

The purpose of build-up technique is to practice focus and controlled attacks on multiple opponents.
In order to achieve a fluid combination, a variety of hand, foot, knee and elbow attacks that flow easily in a sensible combination are used. It is best to carry on adding techniques until everyone in the circle has been 'dealt with'.

2. One-step sparring.

Persons are teamed in pairs in this Taekwondo technique. Then they each take turn to attack with a right lunge punch. The opponent blocks the punch and counters.

The purpose is to practice blocking or evasion and to build up a fluid and effective combination.

3.One-step semi-free sparring.

This Taekwondo technique is similar to basic one-step, but the attacker measures off and steps back into a forearm-guarding block. When the opponent is ready, they also step back with a forearm-guarding block.

When this happens, the attacker can perform one single attack: hand, foot, knee or elbow.


In a circle of at least five, one or two person is chosen to lead off. These persons start in the center of the circle, select an opponent from the circle, face off with that person and perform a single attack.

That person blocks, counters and then swaps places with the attacker, thus entering the circle and beginning the process again.

'Sneak' attacks are encouraged. Face off with one person, then attack another or chase your attacker to the opposite side of the circle with a barrage of counter-attacks then immediately send an attack into someone else.

This Taekwondo technique can only be done in official training sessions with a black-belt instructor present.

5. Snapping turning kicks.

With a partner, practice head-high turning kicks that stop just short of your target.

If the target is your partner’s head, do not kick too closely until you know you have the control to stop short.

For beginners, it may be wise to practice on a focus mitt, slapping the leather as fast and lightly as possible. When you have mastered fast and controlled turning kicks, you can work them into combinations.

6. Fast retraction.

In addition to sending out punches and kicks quickly, it is important to be able to retract them with similar speed. This ensures that your legs are not left out in front of you and that your arms do not get left outstretched, exposing your ribs.

It also reduces an opponent's chances of catching your limbs and placing you in embarrassing positions.

A useful trick to practice at home is to light a candle and punch at it. Aim in front of the flame and withdraw the punch as fast as you can. With enough speed, the movement will create a vacuum around the flame and snuff it out.

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