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What Is Taekwondo Class Got to Do With It

The ultimate goal of every taekwondo class is to input the teachings and principles behind taekwondo. Not to mention, realizing every students’ dream of having that black belt.

How do taekwondo classes go about teaching the sport?

Some merely require the display of techniques learned since last testing. Others mandate the testing of cumulative knowledge. Testing might necessitate performance in sparring, self defense or even the breaking of wooden boards using the hands or feet.

Some schools test the students on their staying power, requiring many physical activities over prolonged periods of time.

The amount of time and level of commitment required to achieve black belt varies from style to school to classes. Some offer regular testing that allows students to advance at a faster pace, sometimes achieving black belt in less than two years.

Others require a minimum commitment of five or more. Also, there may be minimum age requirements for children to receive a black belt.

Tuition can vary greatly for different taekwondo schools. Some hold classes through nonprofit organizations and charge lower fees, depending on the program provider.

Some have store front training halls that require higher tuition and possibly contracts. Contracts can offer a lower monthly fee in exchange for a longer term commitment.

Before putting in your signature, be sure to read the terms of the contracts carefully. Some contracts do not allow premature termination, even in the case of illness or job transfer.

They may be worded to allow the student "up to one class a day", which basically means that there will not be any classes on a particular day.

Try to get a feel of how each taekwondo class go about.

Do you approve of the instructors’ teaching methods? Watch how they interact with the other students.

Remember that the race or gender of the instructor, as well as the physical size, is not t important.

Being Asian is not the basis of a good instructor. Keep in mind that classes that teach the same style may be different in their philosophies, teaching manner and even the techniques themselves.

Be absolutely sure to visit numerous schools before making your decision. It is recommended that you observe at least one class and participate in at least one class before signing any contracts.

You can find excellent schools not only in the store-front training halls, but through your local recreation centers, high school, universities and colleges as well as your town's health clubs.

Here are some questions you might consider asking in taekwondo classes.

1. Do the instructors teach each class? Or do they administer an assistant instructor? Are the classes divided by their ability?

2. Does the school emphasize self defense as well as the art?

3. What type of contact is made during sparring classes and training? If any, what safety gear is required for sparring?

4. How much is tuition and are there contracts?

5. Does the school attend tournaments?

6. How often are classes held? What is the fee for each class? What are the requirements for each?

7. What is the instructor's background, credentials as well as affiliations?

8. Do the classes fit your schedule? How many classes can you attend each week or month for your tuition?

Before or after the taekwondo class, ask for some time from the instructor and ask these questions or other questions that concern you the most.

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