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There is More to a Taekwondo School Than Meets the Eye

When choosing the Taekwondo school that is right for you, you have to look at important things that will serve as your basis for deciding on one.

1. The environment you will be learning and training.

Do not be impressed by how big the school is. Size does not matter as long as you feel comfortable in there.

Also, do not be amazed by large number of trophies. Although they may indicate a very successful and competitive Taekwondo school, they could also just be showing off. Check carefully first.

You may not want to invest your time and money in a school that do not allow you to watch their classes. Without seeing a class, you will not be able to get a good feel for the school.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Forget about looking stupid or asking the wrong questions. They are going to be teaching and training you and you may want to get any concerns or considerations you have out before you commit to anything.

Look for another Taekwondo school if you feel bullied or threatened in any manner in the school you are in.

2. The people that will become your partners.

Try to watch some classes without participating and then ask to participate. See if the behavior of the students changes by the fact that there is a new person in their class.

What follows is a quick checklist, to which you can add your own points, based on what you consider important.

Looking up these things will give you a solid ground to choose from:

Are the students good?

This is a measure of the quality of the students and their primary skill at martial arts. Picture yourself with these people. Are they attentive, respectful and interested in being there? If yes, then they are definitely good signs.

Is there a combination of upper and lower ranks?

This is not obvious without belt rankings, etc. It is usually a good sign if advanced, intermediate and beginning students are practicing together.

Check the approach of the higher ranked students. Their help will probably be very important in your advancement in the Art you choose.

There are some Taekwondo schools that have classes separated by rank though. So better inquire.

3. The instructor.

You need to have some basic trust in the individual when you have just begun.

The instructor is the person who is going to be guiding your development as a martial artist. You need to feel comfortable with him or her, and feel secure in receiving instruction from them.

Do the students get personalized attention?

This will be a good judge of how valuable your time will be. If there is a good amount of instructor to student attention there will be more value for you.

4. The logistics of the school.

The best way to determine if a Taekwondo school is being reasonable is to compare what they offer for their prices.

Find out if there are extra charges for going up in rank, find out if there are organizational dues, tournament fees, mat fees, etc.

There may be other considerations you want to look at and specific questions you have about an instructor, school, organization, or style you are looking at.

Find out the questions you want answered and you will find the perfect Taekwondo school for you.

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